Scott Foresman Teacher Home Page

The Scott Foresman teacher home page is the first page you see after logging in.

The school name appears in the upper right corner. If you are teaching in more than one school, you can change the school. Select a different school in the Select school list.

To help you move through SuccessNet quickly, the home page is divided into four sections:

My Library

The My Library section displays student editions of online books. You may filter your list of books by subject or view all subjects.  

To select a book:

  1. In the Subject list, click the appropriate subject.


Click All to see all subject books for all of your subjects.

  1. Click the appropriate hyperlink to open the desired book or related product.

  2. Click Home in the upper right corner to close the book and return to your teacher home page.

Success Tracker

If you have access to any Success Tracker products, your home page includes a Success Tracker module. If not, a Class Management module that includes classes and notices displays.  


Success Tracker is specific to each of your classes and groups. The first class or group is automatically selected.     

To select a different class/group:

To add a new class or edit a class:


The Success Tracker section includes the following sub-sections:


Indicates the percentage of completed tests with ...


a score between 0 and 60%


a score between 61 an 80%


a score between 81 and 100%

The ##/## to the right of the progress indicator show the number of completed test assignments out of the total number of tests you have assigned to date.


The Messages section displays messages from Pearson. Click find out more located below the message for more information regarding any of the messages posted.

To access all of your messages:

Teacher Resources

The Teacher Resources section displays various available Web sites or PDF documents.

To open any of the teacher resources listed on the home page:

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